Issuing a Break

So to celebrate my acceptance into the Science Fiction Research Association 2017 conference and because I did a long discussion on Stasis (2015) earlier this week with some friends I’m going to take the week off of blogging.

Well, not really. As mentioned, I had a discussion about Stasis (Steam page) with my fellow podcasters over at Ugly Talks (link). Ugly Talks is a monthly podcast created by Matt Campen and myself. The purpose of the show is to discuss various media artifacts, address their issues and their success, then attempt to extract useful design information for creators of interactive narrative. We tent to focus our discussion on how the design of these artifacts can be used to improve the creation of Tabletop Roleplaying games and system.

Lately we have been the amount of guests we have on the show. As such, this month we brought in James and Kevin Colmar from the Drunk and the Ugly podcast (link). Both these individuals, along with Matt, just finished a playthrough of Stasis on their Youtube channel and wanted to discuss the game.

I say all this, but the Stasis episode of Ugly Talks won’t come out for another month. However, if this conversation interests you, you can check out some of the previous Ugly Talk topics on the website or on your favorite Podcast Aggregate. Also, before you ask, yes I’m the tag line we use “We Know Things” is incredibly stupid and intentional. If you listen to a couple of the podcasts you will eventually hear me breakdown laughing at the absurdity of that tagline.

Next week, I will try to type the second half of my Kona review / critique. For warning it might be a bit sloppy as I have an open-to-close shift next week and will probably be delirious trying to recover.


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